Apache signs worldwide agreement for RokDoc

Ikon Science’s ‘modeling while picking’ Petrel plug-in integrates independent’s reservoir workflow.

Apache Corp. has signed a software and services deal with UK- headquartered Ikon Science for the provision of its interpretation and modeling software. The global agreement covers Ikon’s RokDoc flagship and the new ‘Modeling While Picking’ link to Schlumberger’s Petrel. Apache is to integrate RokDoc into its standard reservoir workflow.


Apache’s senior geology advisor Kelly Haizlip said, ‘We believe that Modeling While Picking will enable us to bridge a gap in our subsurface workflow by reducing the risk of a one way guessing game between geophysics and geology.’


Modeling While Picking (MWP) leverages Schlumberger’s Ocean framework to provide ‘interpretational insight’ by incorporating rock physics methods into the standard interpretation workflow. Events can be picked in Petrel, which update the 2D RokDoc model in real-time. The impact of changes in the Petrel model are immediately visible in RokDoc. Global deployment follows a pilot implementation in Apache’s Aberdeen office. RokDoc is used in 50-plus oil and service companies. Ikon also provides quantitative interpretation services and training to over 100 clients throughout the world. More from info@ikonscience.com.

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