Neuralog releases NeuraMap 2007

New features make mapping application a ‘shoe-in’ for Phillips Petroleum.

NeuraMap 2007 introduces a ‘wizard’-driven interface, improved editing and help with map calibration. Volumetric and reserve reporting have also been added to the basic mapping capability.


Phillips Petroleum’s Tom Gamwell said, ‘NeuraMap 2007 is a milestone in map digitizing, increasing speed and accuracy. Its many features have made it a workflow shoe-in for Phillips Petroleum.’ The automated digitizing system has been reworked and volumetrics and reserves computations added to the package.


NeuraMap is a data capture, transformation, and QC system that turns paper maps, cross sections, x-y plots and other data into a digital resource. Legacy data such as seismic SEGP1 or UKOOA formats can be read by Neuralog and overlaid on the original image for QC and editing. The system embeds Blue Marble’s projection management with support for 12,000 mapping systems plus user-defined parameters. Output formats include GeoTIFF and vector formats for third party GIS systems.

Scan maps

Maps can be scanned with the NeuraScanner directly into NeuraMap. Multiple sources can be opened simultaneously with vectors displayed in all source documents. Vector and image datasources can be merged for quality checks.

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