ESA adds GX Technology GOM data to 3D GIS

Gulfspan seismic data set now alongside MMS well data in 3D interpretation environment.

Long Beach, CA-based Earth Science Associates (ESA) is offering new functionality in its ‘GOM3’ Gulf of Mexico 3-D GIS package. ESA clients who also subscribe to GX Technology’s Gulfspan regional seismic stratigraphic and structural interpretation framework can now view 2-D depth-converted seismic data from within GOM3.


GOM3 already integrates with data supplied by the US Minerals Management Service (MMS) on wells, completions, reservoirs and paleontology for producing fields. Last year ESA added PaleoData Inc.’s dataset to its 1,000 3-D GIS field models.


Input-Output unit GXT’s Gulfspan dataset is a basin-wide framework comprising 76 long composite seismic depth-sections along with a consistent interpretation framework of faults, salt and regional stratigraphic boundaries. GOM3 wells, reservoirs and completions can be added to the seismic data for further analysis. Later this year, ESA plans to make tops, faults and salt ‘smart’ GIS features and to add a SEG-Y data import module.

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