Petro-Canada deploys Isatis to characterize oil sands

Geovariances’ geostatistical package used to create and analyze multi-million cell stochastic models.

Petro-Canada is using Geovariances’ Isatis geostatistical package to model its oil sands mining property. Petro-Canada’s uses Isatis’ to create multiple realizations for uncertainty evaluation. Isatis provides stochastic modeling of large data sets and models containing tens of millions of cells.


Petro-Canada is applying increasingly sophisticated modeling techniques as its understanding of its oil sands property improves with ongoing drilling and data analysis. Isatis’ algorithms cover exploratory data analysis, data modeling, post-processing and visualization.


Petro-Canada plans to use its Isatis model throughout the project’s lifecycle. Usage is now extending to other oil sands and conventional oil and gas properties with the acquisition of a second Isatis license. More from Patrick Magne,

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