Tricon Geophysics, Seismic Exchange deploy Isilon storage array

Isilon IQ storage array supports seismic processing and non-exclusive data library.

Seattle-based storage specialist Isilon reports sales of its Isilon IQ system to Denver-headquartered Tricon Geophysics and Houston-based Seismic Exchange Inc. Tricon has deployed Isilon IQ and its Isilon OneFS operating system to unify its seismic data storage into a scalable shared pool—streamlining processing workflows.


Tricon IT director Bryan Matthey said, ‘We have seen a massive increase in the amount of raw and processed seismic data we need to store and access and Isilon IQ provides the scalability, performance and ease of use we require to keep pace with our business and data growth and speed our operations.’ Isilon IQ claims to provide ‘ubiquitous’ access to the rapidly growing stores of digital content and unstructured data, eliminating the cost and complexity barriers of traditional storage architectures.

Seismic Exchange

Seismic Exchange, Inc. (SEI) has deployed Isilon IQ as the central repository for its proprietary 3D seismic data library—comprising over 30,000 square miles of 3D seismic data into, replacing a ‘traditional’ SAN-based architecture. Isilon allows SEI to access and manage the data directly on its clustered storage, increasing productivity and project turnaround.

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