Kadme to power Digital Earth oil and gas information portal

Companies to team on ‘global energy-centric portal’ with Amazon-like e-commerce functionality.

UK-based startup Digital Earth is to use Kadme’s search and mapping technology to power its global energy industry information portal. In return, Kadme will have access to Digital Earth’s (DE) ‘social search’ and unstructured data solutions for its own clients. DE’s game plan is to develop ‘next generation’ search and collaboration tools for the energy industry. DE sources its information with a network of regional scouts, the internet, telephone calls, email enquiries, personal visits and trade shows.


Digital Earth chairman John Redfern (formerly president of IHS Energy) said, ‘Kadme’s software provides the functionality we need for our global energy-centric search portal and will accelerate our time to market. Kadme’s domain experience with oil company data and national archives will help create a data service that brings public and enterprise data together.’


Kadme MD Gianluca Monachese added, ‘DE is the perfect showcase for our software. The Amazon-derived engineering knowledge is the ideal complement to our own development and will sharpen our e-commerce capability.’

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