FIATECH organization unfolds roadmap for 2007-2010

Texas-based standards body looks to engineering procurement and construction (EPC) future.

The FIATECH standards body, based at the University of Texas at Austin has just unveiled a roadmap for the next three years of its activity in support of capital intensive projects. FIATECH provides standards used by owner/operators engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies and others involved in major construction projects including oil and gas facilities. FIATECH members share in project deliverables including intellectual property (IP) in the form of technology forecasts, XML schemas for data interchange and reports of on-site tests of new technologies.


A key objective of the 2007-2010 Roadmap is the ‘acquisition and creation’ of IP such as its Smart Chips RFID project (OITJ April 07), XML reference data libraries used for the procurement of equipment such as hydraulic pumps and control valves, and reference implementations leveraging the ISO 15926 life cycle data exchange spec.


An area of special focus is integrated, automated procurement and supply networks with focus on interoperability technology that relieves constraints and bottlenecks in the supply chain. Another project targets Automating Equipment Information Exchange.

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