Landmark and Statoil team on $13 million bespoke development

DecisionSpace at heart of ‘comprehensive basin-scale interpretation system.’

Landmark and Statoil unveiled a three year, $13 million project at the EAGE this month that sets out to build a comprehensive basin scale interpretation system. Statoil’s Jon Reidar Granli sketched out the project’s objectives to enhance Statoil’s E&P portfolio through cross discipline, interactive modeling of petroleum systems, expanding reservoir modeling to basin-scale. The system will support prospect evaluation over very large study areas as part of Statoil’s goal of leveraging technology to gain a competitive advantage.


Landmark president Peter Bernard described the 50/50 joint venture as Landmark’s largest to date. Technology to be embedded in the Statoil system is to include basin modeling, seismic processing and stratigraphic modeling—along with a comprehensive visualization and a data management upgrade. New workflows will support basin architecture and basin fill, as well as standardized-mapping workflows for ‘yet-to-find’ and ‘sweet-spot’ reserves.


Landmark’s DecisionSpace framework will be at the heart of the new solution and will be used to integrate software functionality across multiple disciplines. More from

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