AspenTech gets worldwide extension for BP E&P and refining

AspenOne to remain global engineering standard for process design and simulation.

BP has signed a six-year extension to its contract with AspenTech for the deployment of the AspenOne engineering solution as a global standard across its E&P and refining business units. The agreement extends BP’s commitment to AspenTech’s engineering solutions for process simulation, design and performance optimization. BP uses AspenOne to optimize the design and efficiency of production processes at new plants and in existing facilities worldwide.


Paul Maslin, Technology Vice President with BP said, ‘We plan to continue with our use of AspenTech’s engineering software which has delivered significant value in many areas of BP’s business, improving operational efficiency and providing assurance on new plant design.’


AspenTech senior VP Manolis Kotzabasakis added, BP’s continuing commitment to our engineering solutions is a reflection of the value that these integrated applications can deliver to leading process companies throughout the plant lifecycle. Our Process Engineering suite helps companies streamline their engineering workflows and establish best practices across their organization based on consistent data and processes.’ AspenOne supports engineering simulation, costing and sizing activities, and aids decision making by providing insights into plant and equipment behavior. More from

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