Amata to secure Pacific Texas’ pipeline infrastructure

A $152 million contract covers physical protection and intrusion detection of western US system.

Amata Inc. is to provide a state-of-the-art security system for Pacific Texas Pipeline & Transportation Company. The $152 million contract includes integrated electronic security systems, electrical distribution and generator backup for two major pipelines and four tank farms. The two year project spans 900 miles of new pipeline in the western US.


Pacific Texas Chairman Cecil Owens said, ‘We are looking for best of breed in physical security and electrical distribution. Amata has the flexibility of a small company but the technological expertise to provide cutting edge security solutions for large installations. The project will serve as a model for future pipeline construction.’


Amata president Shawn Wurtsmith added, ‘Amata protects national and international pipeline infrastructure with state-of-the-art technology.’ A layered approach begins with physical barriers and surveillance with day/night thermal imaging cameras. Detection systems monitor motion and pressure while tracking systems leverage radar and ‘intelligent video’ with facial recognition and an ‘interactive data base.’ Other Amata high-end solutions include infrared pulse intrusion detection.

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