HRH Geostream—geology for the digital oilfield

Offering combines wellsite geological data acquisition with Gravitas geological data management.

UK-based HRH recently announced a new service, ‘Geostream’ a.k.a. ‘Geology for the Digital Oilfield.’ The wellsite and software service combines HRH’s wellsite geologists with HRH Gravitas software flagship. Data from multiple service providers is captured using the Wellsite Information Transfer Specification (WITS) and the Gravitas WinDART data acquisition module. Raw data is cleansed and quality-controlled by the rigsite geologist before batch transmittal to a Gravitas database at the clients’ location.


The office version of Gravitas offers password protected, multi-user access to geologists, geoscientists and other stakeholders for use in their databases and interpretation software. The Gravitas Winlog module provides lithology, core logs, multiwell correlations and composite logs. A ‘Repgen’ module adds custom prognoses, daily, summary and final well report templates all directly populated from the Gravitas database.

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