MetaCarta adds oil and gas geo-lexicon to IHS data provision

Natural language processing powers new Oil and Gas Geographic Data Module.

MetaCarta has signed with IHS to add geographic and text-based search functionality to IHS’ oil and gas data. The MetaCarta/IHS Global Oil & Gas Geographic Data Module (OG-GDM) can now be used to search for energy-related information specific to a location.


GDM identifies and ‘disambiguates’ geographic references, assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to textual references. GDMs contain natural language processing that recognizes acronyms, jargon and information on geographic entities.


MetaCarta president and COE Ron Matros said, ‘The alliance with IHS has allowed MetaCarta to develop an industry specific GDM incorporating IHS’ rich global knowledgebase. Combining the definitive source of E&P information with our search tools allows customers to more accurately pinpoint and collect location-specific information.’


IHS VP Tim Hopkins added ‘Energy companies face the challenge of leveraging accumulated insights that relate to a particular geologic province, an individual well or other asset. With the MetaCarta offering, IHS customers can search across the proprietary archives of a retired, 30-year veteran geologist and the latest press releases and choose from a list of geographically verified matching results.’

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