Geotrace announces Diamond seismic processing package

Geotrace’s seismic processing and interpretation package designed as ‘unified subsurface information system.’

Houston-based Geotrace has announced its new ‘Diamond’ integrated seismic processing suite. Diamond provides ‘fast and efficient’ processing of large seismic data volumes and integrates all E&P data types and formats.


John Weigant, Geotrace VP of geotechnical apps said, ‘Diamond began as a redevelopment of our seismic data processing system. Our goal was a complete re-write for modern hardware and programming tools. But Diamond goes further. We have re-thought everything—from the way seismic data is stored and manipulated to how to optimize computer resources.’


Diamond takes advantage of modern hardware architectures, such as LINUX clusters and distributed data storage. Diamond integrates with Geotrace’s recently acquired Tigress geological and geophysical interpretation workstation, adding capabilities for petrophysical, geological, production and other downstream data types.


Jaime Stein, Geotrace’s chief geoscientist added, ‘Tigress provides the database and data management capabilities that make seamless integration, closer to the ideal of a unified subsurface information system, from core to basin scale with seismics as the ‘glue’ that ties it all together.’


‘Diamond’s integration with Tigress underscores our intent to be the leading processor and integrator of E&P data.’

Phase II

The first phase of the software platform is capable of processing and integrating seismic data, well logs, core data, production data and reservoir models, so that they can be accessed and utilized through one software platform. Phase two, which will increase the software platform’s functionality, should be complete by year-end. More from

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