Aleyaska Pipeline renews SAIC’s pipeline IT contract

1,800 desktop application and 100 server support contract renewed in $35 million deal.

Aleyaska Pipeline Service Co. has renewed Science Applications International Corp.’s (SAIC) IT outsourcing deal for a further five-year period. The fixed-unit-price contract is valued at $35 million. SAIC has provided these services since 2002. The contract contains two one-year options for recurring services for an estimated value of $14 million. If all options are exercised, the total value of the contract could reach $49 million.


Alyeska CIO Erv Barnes said, ‘At the end of the original contract, SAIC was challenged to provide even better service and support along with cost efficiencies. This competitive process resulted in Alyeska and SAIC entering into a new five year contract.’

1,800 desktops

IT services include local and wide area network support, security, application maintenance and enhancement, and cross functional services. SAIC also will support approximately 1,800 desktops and approximately 100 servers and multiple storage area networks.


The contract will be performed in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Valdez, and along the 800 miles of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline.

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