Autonomy/Virage to digitize BP’s film library

‘Intelligent’ XML tags to make ‘rich content’ historic video resource searchable.

BP has awarded a contract to Autonomy unit Virage for the digitization of its extensive video library. Virage’s VS Archive technology will automate capture, encoding and indexing of BP’s 11,500 recordings, some dating back to 1915.

3,500 hours

BP has 3,500 hours of footage documenting a century of global exploration, including events of international significance and the Oscar-winning short film ‘Giuseppina.’ By digitizing this content BP will ensure its preservation and leverage internal and external value by making footage available to employees, broadcasters and film makers via an internet portal.


Virage’s VS Archive adds XML tag information to rich content, leveraging Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL). Video and rich media are thus searchable along with other enterprise content. VS Archive also embeds techniques for scene change detection and speech analysis.

Rig 20

Something worth looking out for in the BP Archive is the 1951 blockbuster of a fire at the Naft Safidi oil well in Iran and its extinction by Myron Kinley. A classic!

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