Honeywell to upgrade MOL’s European facilities

Ten UniSim operator training simulators to roll out over three year period.

The Hungarian national oil and gas group MOL has awarded a contract to Honeywell for the provision of automation solutions for MOL facilities in central Europe. The ‘strategic business relationship’ sets out to reduce production costs and increase yields through the deployment of 10 UniSim Operator Trainer Simulator projects at MOL’s Duna and Slovnaft refineries over the next three years. A further five existing Honeywell TDC 3000 control systems will be upgraded and the current Integrated Service Agreement will also be extended out to 2014. Additional projects will be defined each year according to MOL’s budgets and business priorities.


MOL senior VP Laszlo Fekete said, ‘Long term strategic partnerships with key suppliers help us strengthen our business. Honeywell has been a trusted supplier for over two decades, and because of the company’s deep knowledge of our business issues and needs, it was the ideal partner for this project.’

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