OpenFlow announced

New software integration platform from French Petroleum Institute (IFP) leverages the Eclipse IDE and open source databases.

The French Petroleum Institute (IFP) has just announced ‘OpenFlow,’ a new infrastructure for ‘next generation software’ from the IFP and its marketing arm Beicip-Franlab. OpenFlow (previously called ICarre), comprises a toolset of basic components including a geoscience data model, database storage, data management, import/export, 1 to 4D visualization and workflow tools. OpenFlow also includes an application programming interface (API) for plug-in and algorithm development.

Open Source

OpenFlow leverages open Source software, notably the Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and databases including PostgreSQL and mySQL (Oracle is also supported). Industry specific data formats including Rescue and OpenSpirit allow for interfacing with third party software.


IFP tools for the new architecture include FracaFlow (fracture network characterization and modeling), CondorFlow, (assisted history matching) and, real soon now, PumaFlow, the IFP’s new reservoir simulator.

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