DTS Standard mooted as optics extend to offshore platform

SensorTran and J-Power systems propose IDOPTS standard for distributed temperature sensing.

At the recent Subsea Fiber Optic Monitoring (SEAFOM) conference, SensorTran and J-Power Systems announced a new initiative to establish standards for fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing (DTS) equipment. The International Distributed Optical Performance Testing Standards (IDOPTS) working group will develop standards for performance and specifications to help potential buyers evaluate DTS solutions.


SensorTran CEO Kent Kalar said, ‘Optical monitoring standards will provide much needed clarity in the market. The industry suffers from a lack of performance specifications, creating confusion as to different solutions’ capabilities. IDOPTS will enable companies in the oil and gas, energy, utility and environmental industries to accurately evaluate distributed optical monitoring products.’ IDOPTS standards will target performance definitions, testing and performance evaluation.


In a separate announcement, SensorTran has teamed with Ocean Design, Inc. (ODI) to offer fiber optic sensor solutions for offshore facilities. The deal combines SensorTran’s DTS offering with OTS’ subsea interconnect systems and targets simplified deployment of DTS, for offshore engineers.


DTS uses backscattered light from a laser beam to provide a temperature profile along thousands of meters of fiber. The technique is used to continuously monitor downhole temperature, a key element of well surveillance. The DTS standard is not related to previous POSC work in this space.

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