ZEH Software—CGM for Petrel 2007

New package adds computer graphics metafile support to Schlumberger’s flagship.

Technical plotting specialists ZEH Software has released a new package ‘CGM Extension for Petrel 2007’ to give geoscientists the ability to export Petrel graphics to graphics applications such as CGM-enabled printing solutions. ZEH used Schlumberger’s Ocean API to add CGM capability to Petrel.


Scott Reeder, Product Marketing Manager at ZEH said, ‘CGM has been an industry standard graphics format for G&G software since the inclusion of CGM*PIP and CGM+ in the early 1990’s. The introduction of CGM Extension provides Petrel users with the ability to move forward with new technology, while continuing to support existing standards and applications.’


ZEH also announced a new release of its SeisInfo seismic information management package. Enhancements include basemap export to ESRI shape files, user-defined geodetic datums, visualization with Google Earth and GEOTIFF attachments inside SeisInfo’s MapViewer.

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