MetaCarta unveils oil and gas geographic intelligence portal

Web-based GeoIntel for Petroleum service is deployable inside firewall and as free public website for trial period.

MetaCarta is now offering its oil and gas specific geographical lexicon as an online geographic search service. The new ‘GeoIntel for Petroleum’ (GIfP) service ( claims to be a ‘simple, cost-effective way’ to geographically search and discover web-based energy-related intelligence.

Public information

According to MetaCarta, public information on the web is leveraged by managers and geoscientists for new ventures, competitive analysis, HSE and political risk assessment. GfP scrapes some 3,500 web sites and 9 million web pages that contain energy industry-relevant information. Content is under continuous review by a MetaCarta ‘content curator.’


For current geOdrive users, the subscription-based service extends search beyond the firewall to access industry-specific web sites and aggregate results with internal data sources. For energy researchers that are not current MetaCarta customers, GIfP is available as an on-demand service.


MetaCarta VP Rick Hutton said, ‘Pertinent information that can impact billion-dollar decisions may exist on industry web sites. GfP locates such data and, for geOdrive users, assimilates it with internal information.’ More from

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