Weatherford acquires geomechanical boutique

Software and consulting house Advanced Geotechnology Inc. will team with Hycal and Omni Laboratories.

Weatherford’s Canada Partnership unit has acquired petroleum geomechanical specialist Advanced Geotechnology Inc. (AGI). AGI was founded in 1994 by Pat McLellan and has since grown from a one-man show to a multi-disciplinary consultancy with two flagship software products.


The deal brings Weatherford’s world-wide support and marketing effort to bear on AGI’s StabView and RocksBank products. StabView applies geomechanical theory to the well planning process enabling risk analysis of wellbore stability, lost circulation and fracturing.

Omni Labs

Weatherford’s rock mechanical and acoustic property testing services are performed in its Hycal (Calgary) and Omni (Houston) laboratories. More from Pat McLellan,

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