Yokogawa control system passes Wurldtech’s cyber security test

Rigorous testing now mandatory as process control deperimeterization sees more open IT.

Process control and engineering house Yokogawa commissioned Vancouver-based Wurldtech to test the resistance of its Centum CS 3000 R3 production control system and ProSafe-RS safety instrumented system to cyber attack. The tests were performed in February 2007 using Wurldtech’s Achilles Assurance Platform (AAP). The tests determined the controllers’ robustness to a variety of Ethernet, TCP/IP and Vnet/IP hacks.


Yokogawa’s controllers are deployed in oil and natural gas infrastructure which is increasingly migrating from traditional closed process control systems to more open IT and Ethernet-based systems in a process is known as ‘deperimeterization’ (OITJ Jan 06). The move to internet technologies brings a potential threat of cyber attack—hence the need for rigorous testing.


The Wurldtech tests determined that the Yokogawa controllers had stable and robust network stacks and that they passed all Achilles V1.2 tests. Wurldtech’s Achilles offers security and quality assurance tests that address network vulnerabilities in control systems.

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