Web posting mashes-up SAP with SCADA, maps and BEPL

SAP guru Krishna Kumar describes new web technology as ‘visualization ecosystem.’

In a recent SAP Info web posting, ‘How to Visualize a Business Ecosystem,’ Krishna Kumar shows how service-oriented architectures (SOA) can be used to create a new visualization ‘ecosystem.’ Cross-application ‘mash-ups’ allow users to visualize business information on a map or leverage Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) to selection data from disparate service providers including Yahoo, Google, Amazon corporate SAP databases.

Enterprise Horizons

One application, Magma Ecosystem, from Enterprise Horizons, uses BPEL to orchestrate dataflows from sources such as SCADA sensors with web services call to ESRI’s demographics engine. The results are visualized in a 3D geographic display and can be used in utility planning and scheduling.

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