Microsoft partner Meridio’s eDRM sees oil and gas take-up

CITGO, Statoil and ConocoPhillps have deployed the .NET electronic document management system.

Enterprise document and records management (eDRM) software house Meridio reports oil and gas sales to CITGO, Statoil and ConocoPhillips. Meridio’s Microsoft .NET-based technology adds ‘robust’ document management to Microsoft’s Office suite, supporting compliance, process improvement and ‘litigation avoidance.’


Meridio’s solutions help control the costs and liabilities associated with e-mail, providing an enterprise class compliance infrastructure. Integration with third party tools leverages .NET and a web service toolkit. Integration with SharePoint Server enables world-wide collaboration, adding traceability and secure access to the information lifecycle. Links to SAP allow unstructured content to be managed through the familiar Microsoft Office interface.


Meridio senior VP Becky Thomas said, ‘Oil and gas has unique eDRM requirements. The combination of flexibility, integration with Microsoft Office and our service-oriented architecture has made Meridio a strategic choice for oil and gas companies.’

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