Cabot deploys Acopia Networks’ ARX file virtualization

‘Freedom Fabric’ network operating system ‘works as advertised,’ simplifies storage management.

Houston-based Cabot Oil and Gas has deployed a file virtualization solution from Acopia Networks to serve its 30TB of online seismic data. The solution uses Acopia’s ARX intelligent file virtualization hardware devices running Acopia’s ‘FreedomFabric’ network operating system. FreedomFrabric is claimed to simplify file storage management and lower storage costs by automating data management tasks and reducing disruptive storage management operations.


Cabot technical manager Norbert Burch explained, ‘Following technical issues with our previous stub-based storage system, a thorough evaluation found that Acopia was the only product that worked as advertised. The ARX solution met or exceeded our expectations in regards to its NetApp compatibility, functionality, scalability, and stability.’Cabot uses the system to identify inactive files on its high-end NetApp FAS960 F-CAL systems.


These are moved transparently, on-the-fly to more economical Serial-ATA storage. Burch added, ‘We have over 30 terabytes of file data spanning eight volumes, and the amount of data is growing fast. We need a technology that will grow with us—Acopia has delivered that solution.’ Cabot’s future plans for Acopia include use in conjunction with its Tier 0 high-performance application and load balancing initiatives.

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