Escondido Selects Production Access’ Production Center

Package links departmental databases, business intelligence and real-time production data.

Texas independent Escondido has chosen Production Access’ Production Center (PC) application to manage its reporting. Escondido president and CEO Bill Deupree said, ‘Using Production Center, we plan to transform our labor-intensive, spreadsheet-based production reporting process to a streamlined, information rich environment, while eliminating significant duplication of effort. Professional resources are hard to secure and getting the most effective work products in their hands is a key to leveraging all of our assets.’


PA CEO John Yurkanin added, ‘PC brings productivity gains by leveraging business intelligence delivered from Production Access (PA). PA links departmental databases into a comprehensive information management system. By capturing well data early and enabling all levels of employees to access real-time information, the entire E&P business benefits.’


PA recently announced a 3-year growth strategy to invest in professional services, software development, and sales staff. A Change Control Board was established to manage the quality and commercial value of changes to the product suite. A Support Escalation Team was commissioned to give customers a voice in the incident escalation process. PA has partnered with Petris to offer OC as a component of PetrisWinds DrillNET.

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