IHS Enerdeq Web Services—SOA for all

IHS claims industry first for SOA-based data services. SDK used in Petra ‘live data’ link.

IHS has just announced Enerdeq Web Services (EWS), a services-oriented-architecture (SOA) for IHS’ data access. EWS is a software development kit (SDK) for creating ‘live’ data links between interpretation projects, modeling software and corporate data stores with current IHS data. SOA creates dynamic links to IHS’ huge dataset of production data from hundreds of thousands of active wells across the USA.


To date, companies have had to develop their own tools for re-populating spreadsheets, updating models, or refreshing a well data repository with a combination of proprietary data and IHS’ data. The resulting interfaces have proved hard to maintain. EWS reduces development time and ensures that the data seen by an application is the current information on IHS’ servers.

Google Earth

Early adopters of EWS include the Timoney Group which has integrated IHS data from the Jonah Gas Field in Wyoming into Google Earth. The prototype can be seen at www.jonahgas.com. Timoney Group president Brian Timoney said, ‘This project shows one of the emerging trends in the mapping industry, letting users decide what interface they want to use. EWS lets developers serve different audiences through a single API.’


IHS VP Rich Herrmann said, ‘We’re providing flexibility to tailor data access to customers’ processes. We use EWS to integrate our data and with own software, PowerTools and Petra. We’re leading the industry in the application of web services to streamline our clients’ management of project data.’ IHS uses EWS to serve data into its Petra applications. The latest Petra release includes a ‘Direct Connect’ feature, developed with the EWS SDK, to creating or refresh interpretation projects with the current IHS data.

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