Tadpole leverages Google Earth for BP Group firefighters

Proof-of-concept application gives worldwide visibility of integrity and compliance data.

BP International awarded UK-based Tadpole Technology a contract for the development of a ‘proof of concept’ application utilizing Google Earth (GE) to assist BP Group Fire Advisors’ management of system integrity and regulatory compliance across its worldwide assets. The project builds on Tadpole’s ongoing relationship with BP in the UK, particularly with its iPlan asset management system. GE provides a world map display of the location of BP sites across the globe. Sites on the map link to ‘virtual filing cabinets’ displaying up to date site-specific data and compliance documentation.


BP Group Fire Advisor Kevin Westwood said, ‘Tadpole’s expertise in developing innovative geospatial solutions enabled us to make use of leading edge internet technology to create a detailed map of our sites, linked to compliance data. The system will be accessible by authorized BP personnel from virtually any location and will let us remotely manage compliance and integrity data.’


Tadpole’s James Blackwood told Oil IT Journal, ‘Traditional geospatial applications run into trouble because of their complex user interface. GE removes this complexity, distilling essential functions for standard users. We supply BP with a kmz file which is loaded by users who then access the public raster data over the internet.’

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