IBM opens Calgary ‘Oil Sands Center of Excellence’

$2.6 million facility to testbed RFID, visualization and software integration technologies.

IBM has opened an ‘oil sands center of excellence’ located in its Calgary offices. The $2.6 million facility is to assist operators test and use new technologies to ‘lower costs and make oil recovery easier, more efficient, and more intelligent.’


IBM Canada president Dan Fortin said, ‘IBM has been active in Alberta’s oil patch for over 40 years and now has over 2300 employees. The Centre of Excellence will accelerate the development and adoption of innovative technologies and business strategies.’


Technologies on offer include radio frequency identification, 3D data visualization and software integration targeting construction and project management, productivity, business processes and environmental management. The Centre is the fifth IBM oil and gas facility. The others are located in Stavanger, Abu Dhabi, Beijing and Moscow.

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