SmartSignal’ EPI*Center offers condition-based monitoring

Support for ‘lean’ initiatives in plant and process from equipment ‘watch list’ and rules-based monitoring.

Chicago-based SmartSignal has announced EPI*Center, a predictive analytics package that provides early warning of equipment and process throughput issues. Condition-based maintenance (CBM) eliminates unnecessary maintenance and ensures timely intervention in the event of imminent failure.


SmartSignal CEO Jim Gagnard said, ‘EPI*Center will enhance competitivity with better support for ‘lean’ initiatives and help with aging workforce issues. SmartSignal is committed to helping companies close the gap between current performance and corporate expectations by reducing operational constraints due to equipment problems.’


Epi*Center analyzes sensor data to identify emerging problems that traditional monitoring systems cannot detect. A ‘WatchList’ provides an exception-based list of systems that show anomalous behavior, enabling companies to optimally allocate their maintenance effort.

Rules engine

A ‘rules engine’ identifies impending faults and users can compare behavior across different assets or aggregate sensor information for greater precision. EPI*Center integrates with third party solutions like OSIsoft’s RTPM. A WorkBench environment provides users with a ‘build once, deploy to many’ functionality.

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