Knowledge Reservoir (re)-announces ‘right time’ service

Customizable software and services package promises lifetime reservoir surveillance.

Originally launched at the 2006 SPE ATCE (we missed it!) Knowledge Reservoir (KR) is reviving its ‘RightTime’ Analysis Services (RTAS), a customizable software and services package of analysis and interpretation of production data. The advent of affordable surface and downhole gauges and sensors means that huge volumes of data are being collected, often in recognized industry standard protocols that enable software interoperability and data sharing. A large offshore field can produce 5 million data points per day.


KR CEO Ivor Ellul said, ‘We recognize the need for ongoing reservoir surveillance as important events can occur later in the life of the reservoir. Our RTAS offering builds on our formalized, proven workflows to unlock the secrets of production data anomalies.’ RTAS is the first of a series of ‘right time’ solutions.

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