Blue Sky Network partners with Upland Consulting

Asset-tracking sale to major Nigerian operator leverages Google Earth in novel security role.

Satellite logistics specialist Blue Sky Network (BSN) has selected Upland Consulting Nigeria (UCN) as its local reseller. The partnership enables Blue Sky Network to expand its business in this important developing region, and bring a new level of security and logistics to fleet operators in the field.


Upland Consulting initiated the sale of BSN’s D2000MD to a major upstream Nigerian oil company, which is to deploy the satellite-based tracking equipment to surmount the present Nigerian security situations and allow for accurate vehicle, marine and personnel tracking. BSN’s SkyRouter asset management web portal lets users track and communicate with remote land and sea-based assets and workers. Movements and mayday alerts of vessels and personnel can be tracked from any of the oil company’s dispatch centers in Nigeria.


UCN president Bola Awobamise said, ‘BSN’s equipment is important in challenging regions of the world like this. This deployment showcases the safety and operations optimization that this solution brings to a fleet of remote mobile assets.’

Google Earth

BSN’s SkyRouter leverages Google Earth to link people and assets anywhere on earth over the Iridium satellite network. FAA-certified data and voice products enable users to customize features including safety and event reporting.

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