New Pipeline Toolbox release adds customizable liquids database

2007 release of ‘toolbox’ includes 60 modules and standard liquid properties for pipeline engineers.

Houston-based Technical Toolboxes has just released the 2007 version of its Pipeline Toolbox, an integrated pipeline industry software package with some 60 modules designed specifically for the pipeline professional. Pipeline Toolbox 2007 (PT 2007) comes in Gas, Liquid and ‘Enterprise’ (Liquid & Gas) versions.

Liquids database

PT 2007 embeds a customizable database of commonly transported liquids which includes multiple property information and calculations. Computations embed physico-chemical properties from standards bodies including the API, ASTM and IAW. The new release adds computation for maximum impact load and penetration depth, enhanced design of uncased crossings and an external corrosion direct assessment toolset to estimate the remaining life of corroded sections. Technical Toolbox software is available as a hosted service from Petris.

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