de Groot-Bril’s Open dTect’s seismic stratigraphy ‘flies’

Phase II of seismic stratigraphy plug-in development kicks-off with support from ENI, Wintershall and BG.

Phase II of de Groot-Bril’s (dGB) OpendTect Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation System (SSIS) project has secured funding from ENI, Wintershall and BG International with technical support from TNO and Brad Macurda of The Energists.

Absolute time

Phase II is an 18 months project which will extend SSIS with support for 2D seismic data, better 3D chrono-stratigraphic horizon tracking and a new tool for manual interpretation of sequence boundaries. SSIS II will also introduce calibration with respect to absolute geologic time.


The first SSIS phase saw the release of the OpendTect SSIS plug-in, now nominated for the Lillehammer 2007 award for Eureka projects. dGB is seeking additional sponsors for the project. The official start date is 1 April 2007.

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