CUDA SDK for GPU number crunching

NVIDIA releases dev kit for graphics-processor computing, injects $3 million into Canadian start-up.

Graphics processor specialist NVIDIA has released a public beta of its CUDA software developer kit (SDK) and C-compiler for computing with NVIDIA graphics processing units (GPUs). Using commodity, massively parallel graphics processors holds considerable promise for compute intensive applications such as seismic processing (OITJ Vol. 11 N° 12) and reservoir flow modeling (OITJ Vol. 10 N° 7).


Andy Keane, general manager of GPU Computing at NVIDIA said, ‘The GPU is now a powerful processor suited for compute intensive applications such as seismic processing, bioscience, and financial modeling. With CUDA technology, the parallel computing power of the GPU is now accessible to virtually any developer through standard C programming language.’


NVIDIA has invested approximately $3 million in Calgary-based Acceleware to further GPU-based applications such as cell-phone design and seismic data processing.

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