ISA and SpectrumData join forces

Australian companies team to offer ‘one stop shop’ for seismic processing and data management.

ISA Technologies and SpectrumData based at Western Australia’s Technology Park near Perth, have signed a collaboration agreement for seismic data management and processing. SpectrumData provides specialist data services including media and data conversion, data migration and transcription. ISA has the largest high performance computing (HPC) facility in Western Australia and supports 3D visualization and seismic processing. The deal heralds a ‘one stop shop’ for the data requirements of oil and gas and resource-based industries.


SpectrumData CEO Guy Holmes said, ‘We are already safeguarding the data requirements of oil and gas and resource companies in Australia and around the world. By combining the processing power of ISA’s HPC facility we can extend our services internationally.’

La Puma

The companies are working to establish a broadband communications link to share data and support both data storage and processing activities. ISA MD Sil La Puma said, ‘An initial 1 Gbps link will be upgraded to 10 Gbps link to support the partnership—hopefully with support from the Western Australian Government as part of its encouragement of IT clusters and financial assistance for broadband links.’

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