CoViz to integrate OpenSpirit platform

Dynamic Graphics’ EarthVision and CoViz to join upstream data integration platform.

Dynamic Graphics has licensed OpenSpirit’s data integration software development kit (SDK) to provide integration with third-party applications and data stores to users of EarthVision and CoViz.


Dynamic Graphics president Art Paradis said, ‘Our integration with databases such as OpenWorks and SeisWorks along with open formats like SEG-Y and RESCUE already provides time-savings for geoscientists and reservoir engineers. OpenSpirit extends interoperability to a multitude of best-of-breed applications, data stores, and GIS systems, giving G&G professionals even more control over their data.’


CoViz (OITJ Vol. 11 N° 12) is a vendor-neutral platform for 2D, 3D, and 4D covisualization, access, and interrogation of cross-discipline data. This collaborative environment enables asset teams to arrive at decisions ‘with greater consensus and confidence.’

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