Autobahn ups seismic trace count ante

Input-Output unit GXT releases new seismic processing package for 30,000 plus channel acquisition.

Input-Output unit GXT has just announced the initial release of its ‘Autobahn’ seismic processing package. Autobahn streamlines access to large seismic datasets and automates pre-stack quality control workflows. Autobahn was designed to handle future large processing jobs that GXT will undertake and to reduce processing cycle times. Flexible data sorting organizes data into cross-spread sorts and vector-tile sorts as required for noise reduction. Modules provide automated geometry QC and refraction statics to streamline many routine processing workflows.


GXT senior VP Nick Bernitsas said, ‘We needed a new powerful data processing engine that could serve as the foundation for all of GXT’s advanced imaging techniques. By completely re-tooling our workflow engine, we believe that GXT can secure a meaningful advantage in the marketplace where trace counts are constantly increasing.’


Autobahn was designed to accept large field datasets from I-O’s FireFly ‘full wave’ field recording system. FireFly trials on BP’s Wamsutter fractured gas reservoir in Wyoming deployed 10,000 three-component stations—a ten-fold increase in channel count. Autobahn can cater for 30,000+ more channels, applying compute intensive techniques like offset vector tile processing.

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