Forest Oil links trading and production

SolArc’s RightAngle solutions optimizes the oil and gas value chain from well head to point of sale.

As companies seek to squeeze more from the production value chain, the scope of software integration is expanding and crossing what used to be somewhat impervious silo boundaries. Oil and gas producers are increasingly looking downstream, seeking to optimize operations from well head to point of sale.

Forest Oil

A recent deal between Forest Oil and SolArc illustrates the trend—with the companies working to optimize scheduling and marketing of natural gas and crude oil production, ‘from wellhead to market.’


Forest will deploy SolArc’s RightAngle solutions for production and mid stream operations in its domestic and Canadian operations. RightAngle’s Marketing capability will be used to handle Forest’s entire product trading operations.

Production allocation

As well as its scheduling and sales functions, RightAngle also automatically determines well netback prices, interfacing with Forest’s production allocation and accounting systems. RightAngle will support Forest in its role of natural gas gatherer and processor in North America.


SolArc’s Senior VP Dick Couron said, ‘Forest represents a growing trend among natural gas and crude producers who desire a complete, fully integrated solution to manage all operations from wellhead to marketing. We believe there are significant operational efficiencies that can positively impact cash flow and working capital for companies who manage all product supply and marketing activities with one integrated solution. Forest will be able to realize these benefits and reduce the administrative and infrastructure costs of its commercial operations.’

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