Baker Hughes deploys X-Change AirGATE

Ultra wide band communications system deployed in measurement while drilling system.

Baker Hughes has commissioned high-end communications technology from Dallas-based X-Change Corp. unit AirGATE Technologies to support its measurement while drilling applications with Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology. Unlike conventional systems, which use narrowband modulated carrier waves to transmit information, Ultra-Wideband transmits over a wide swath spectrum, using a series of narrow, low-power pulses. UWB has its origins in military communications like the WWII SIGSALY telephone system and Hedy Lamarr’s famous ‘Secret Communications System.’


AirGATE VP Juha Jussilla-Song said, ‘We have gained much experience in ultra-wideband systems by developing our own down hole tool technology. This high potential deal broadens our work in the oil industry.’

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