Well lifecycle package for PetroAndina

Decision Dynamics’ Wellcore to support drilling operations in Argentina. $890k deal signed with US gas co.

PetroAndina, a Canadian E&P company, has deployed Decision Dynamics’ (DD) Wellcore well lifecycle package to manage its expanding operations in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina. Wellcore will provide PetroAndina with real-time visibility into drilling operations. DD’s professional services team is integrating Wellcore with PetroAndina’s in-house accounting system to streamline its billing and financials.


PetroAndina has deployed Wellcore’s geology, drilling, completions and authorizations for expenditure (AFE) modules for central access to daily drilling reports and other information and will be utilizing the system’s Webcore portal to provide executive summaries.


PetroAndina COO Barry Larson said, ‘We are ramping up for a major expansion in our drilling activity. Spreadsheets and Word documents are no longer sufficient to capture and manage our drilling data efficiently. Wellcore lets us add rigs and accelerate our drilling pace without having to add staff to handle the increase in recordkeeping, data analysis and other paperwork.’ DD also reports a five year, $890,000 Wellcore deal with ‘a large US-based natural gas company.’

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