DHI and geobody detection from FFA

2007 release of SVI Pro adds direct hydrocarbon indicators, spectral decomp and Xapp geobody identification.

The January 2007 release of Foster Findlay Associates’ (FFA) SVI Pro claims technical progress for the 3D seismic analysis package and productivity gains for data screening and geobody delineation.

DHI Tool

A new direct hydrocarbon indicator (DHI) tool produces a cross-plot of seismic attributes versus TWT within a defined volume of interest.

Spectral decomposition

3D frequency decomposition techniques and 2D/3D color blending adds a ‘new dimension’ to volume visualization, leveraging FFA’s multi-attribute 3D

Batch Processing

Batch processing improves workflow efficiency and can be set up to run complex jobs without user intervention.


Xapp, SVI Pro’s 2D/3D cross plotting and multi-attribute geobody delineation tool provides a better understanding of the relationship between different seismic volumes. Finally, FFA is offering ‘development and commercialization’ services to in-company developers of 3D seismic image processing technology for NOC’s and senior independents.

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