Consortium develops PSDM for OpendTect

Geokinetics and de Groot-Bril team on pre-stack depth migration plug-in. SSIS phase II announced.

Houston-based Geokinetics and de Groot-Bril (dGB) have launched a consortium to develop a commercial system for velocity model building and pre-stack depth migration (PSDM) from within dGB’s OpendTect environment. The system will provide seismic processors and interpreters with a ‘state of the art’, interactive 3D visualization system. Phase one will last one year and will deliver a pre-stack enabled system, with commercial plug-ins for model building, Kirchhoff PSDM, and tomographic inversion.


Current sponsors include OMV and Gaz de France. The consortium will be open for new sponsors through first quarter of 2007. dGB is also inviting companies to join Phase II of its Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation System (SSIS) project which will extend and improve the OpendTect interpretation system. OpendTect SSIS Phase I was also a sponsored project that resulted in the release of a commercial plug-in to OpendTect last August.

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