$375 million for US oil and gas R&D

‘Pork’ promises energy technology ‘nexus’ status to Sugar Land and Fort Bend County .

The Sugar Land, TX-based ‘Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America’ (RPSEA) has landed a 10-year, $375 million contract from the US Department of Energy to manage R&D into new technology for oil and gas exploration and production. RPSEA is to award research contracts to universities, research institutions, national laboratories and industry partners.


Congressman Hall introduced the original legislation in 2001 to provide research and development funding for natural gas supplies. Hall commented, ‘I am pleased that the Department of Energy has awarded the contract to begin this research program which will keep Texas at the forefront of energy research. The development of new technologies and resources will help sustain our nation’s energy needs.’

Energy Policy Act

The natural gas and oil supply R&D program was created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005 and is funded from oil and gas production royalties. One target of the R&D Program is the development of natural gas and other petroleum reserves from ultra-deepwater and non-conventional onshore provinces in the US.

90 members

Non-profit RPSEA has 90 members, including 19 universities, five national laboratories and energy producers across 21 states. RPSEA’s $37.5 million annual budget will be allocated, via competitive bidding, to member institutions. According to the release, Sugar Land and Fort Bend County are to become the ‘nexus’ of new and critical energy technology development.

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