Emerson announces 2.4 GHz SmartWireless

Self-organizing wireless mesh extends reach of PlantWeb to devices deep in plant’s metal ‘canyons.’

Emerson Process Management has announced a 2.4 GHz ‘Smart Wireless’ solution for plant and process control applications. Wireless extends the reach of asset optimization and predictive maintenance, enabling operators to avoid costly process interruptions and shutdowns. Response to safety incidents is improved and emissions reduced.

Self organizing

The new technology brings a self-organizing network to Emerson’s PlantWeb digital plant architecture, capturing data from assets that were previously out of physical or economic reach. Self organizing networks open communication pathways to devices deep within the metal ‘canyons’ of the plant.

100,000 devices

Smart Wireless supports networks of up to 100,000 devices which may be Emerson’s own Rosemount brand or third party devices via industry standards including SP100, Modbus and OPC. Security is assured through encryption, authentication, verification, anti-jamming and key management technology.

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