IHS buys tops data

Onshore US picked geological horizon tops from Geological Data Services acquisition to be bundled with Petra interpretation package.

IHS has acquired Geological Data Services (GDS) of Addison, Texas, a provider of formation tops data for the US Permian Basin, mid-continent and Rocky Mountain regions. The GDS dataset provides correlated tops for some 640,000 wells, picked using a ‘consistent and rigorous’ methodology.


IHS VP Mark Rose said, ‘This acquisition, along with others, will increase the value we deliver to our customers by deepening our US content offering and enhancing our customers’ decision-support tools.’ The GDS tops will be integrated with the IHS E&P data and software solutions, notably the PETRA geological interpretation package acquired last year.


The acquisition also brings IHS’ technical expertise as the geologists who developed the GDS dataset will continue to enrich and maintain these assets, ‘ensuring consistency and continuity going forward.’

Comment—upstream software vendors have generally eschewed the provision of data along with their database offerings, notwithstanding the obvious usefulness of such a combination. IHS’ Petra acquisition and the populated database provision must be a compelling solution for many.

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