‘Hi PI’—high availability Historian from OSIsoft

High availability PI system adds fail-over and fault tolerant operation to data Historian.

OSIsoft has just announced a new ‘high availability’ (HA) version of its PI System data historian. PI System is described as an ‘enterprise class real-time historian platform.’ The HA release enhances real time data capture with fault tolerant software, interface failover and hardware-based buffering and server replication.


Maureen Coveney, OSIsoft VP Marketing said, ‘The PI System provides a real-time infrastructure with powerful data management and intuitive decision support capabilities that enable continuous improvement and real competitive advantage.’


The HA release addresses what are described as ‘unavoidable conditions’ that can trigger data loss or render data inaccessible. These can occur during unplanned downtime when network cables damage may bring down a system momentarily.

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