Energy Solutions unveils Pipeline Manager 3.0

Pipeline software house enhances user interface, adds leak detection and eases data access.

Energy Solutions unveiled the latest release of its PipelineManager package this month. PipelineManager 3.0, includes a new ‘state-of-the-art’ graphical user interface, ‘VisualPipeline,’ which offers visualization of long-term trends, 3-D profiles and historical line fill with time sliders and animation. VisualPipeline also provides instant access to thermo hydraulic property anywhere in the network.

Leak detection

PipelineManager 3.0 sports enhanced leak detection capabilities, such as leak location accuracy, deviation based leak detection and compensated volume balance. The device library has been expanded to encompass detailed pump model with PID controls, various tank models, heaters and coolers, and control valves.


Energy Solutions has also released a new version of its steady-state and transient hydraulic modeling pipeline design tool PipelineStudio. New features include the ability to define multiple pipe wall layers, the specification of valve closure characteristics and the ability to compute pipe wall expansion.

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