MetaCarta geo-text search engine for SPE

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is to offer geographical, taxonomy-based search of e-Library.

The Society of Petroleum Engineers is to deploy MetaCarta’s geOdrive geographic text search engine to enhance the information held in the SPE’s eLibrary. The SPE’s eLibrary holds over 42 thousand technical papers relating to oil and gas exploration and production. The new tool lets users search and categorize data found in unstructured technical documents by geography and visualize the results in a geographical information system.


SPE CIO Robert Wyatt said, ‘The largest companies in the oil and gas industry rely on the SPE eLibrary to help their employees find the research they need. We now offer users a search engine that is optimized for research. MetaCarta adds geographic relevance to search of unstructured data.’


MetaCarta geOdrive combines MetaCarta Geographic Text Search (GTS) with a Geographic Data Module (GDM) tailored to the energy industry, combining full text search with geographic and temporal factors.


Mike O’Dell, VP of MetaCarta’s energy division said, ‘MetaCarta has a proven track record of providing geographic intelligence solutions to large companies in the oil and gas industry, and we are thrilled to now offer the same solutions to individuals working in the field through our relationship with the SPE.’

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