Husky deploys Invensys cyber security solution

Real time monitoring protects upgrader facility’s networks—but prevention is better than cure...

Husky Energy will deploy a cyber security solution from Invensys Process Systems at its upgrader facility in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan. Invensys is to provide design, implementation and real-time management of plant and production networks. Services include site and vulnerability assessment, security architecture and policy development, and ongoing optimization.


Invensys will also provide 24/7 network monitoring and management, leveraging German IT security specialist Integralis’ global network of Security Operations Centers. Invensys cyber security guru Doug Clifton said, ‘Our offering goes beyond a simple firewall—it is a managed solution, focusing on threat prevention, real-time monitoring and mitigation.’


Robin Mayo, Integralis Americas president added, ‘An emphasis on prevention keeps the actual threat detection and management to a minimum. But if suspicious activity does get through, we have cyber security specialists on the case 24 hours a day with advanced tools and processes.’

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